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Definitions of some frequently used terms relating to Environmental Restoration.

Authorized Visitor(s): Owner's Designee or person(s) representing regulatory agencies, and person(s) authorized by them.

Cleaning and Disinfection Work Area(s): Area(s) where work takes place which will, or may, disturb microbial growth, including fungus and moulds, or settled dust(s) that may contain spores.

Controlled Wet Abrasive Blasting: Method to remove top layer of base structural elements (wood beams and joists) to remove filamentous hyphae (root like structures) without compromising structural integrity. "Torbo Blaster" is recommended.

Curtained Doorway: Device to allow ingress or egress from 1 room to another while permitting minimal air movement between rooms, typically constructed by placing 2 overlapping sheets of polyehtylene sheeting (2 sheets of polyethylene per flap) attached to head and 1 jamb of existing or temporarily constructed door frame. Secure vertical edge of 1 flap along 1 vertical side of door frame and vertical edge of other flap along opposite vertical side of door fram. Reinforce free edges of polyethylene with duct tape.

Disinfectant: 5% solution, by volume of Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite).

DOP Test: A testing method employing dioctyl phthalate aerosol for purpose of leak-testing negative air units.

Flexible Ducting: Metal reinforced flexible ductwork, 300 mm (12") diameter minimum.

Fungicide: 5% solution or manufacturers recommended strength.

Ground Fault Panel: Portable electrical panel equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (5 Ma protection) of sufficient capacity to power all electrical equipment and lights in asbestos work enclosure. Panel complete with ground fault interrupter lights, test switch to ensure unit is working, and reset switch. Installed by licensed electrician.

HEPA Filter: High Efficiency Particulate Aerosol filter at least 99.97 percent efficient in collecting 0.3 micrometer aerosol.

HEPA Vacuum: Vacuum with all necessary fittings, tools and attachments. Air must pass HEPA Filter before discharge.

Negative Air Unit: Portable air handling system which extracts air directly from asbestos work area and discharges air outside building. Unit shall be fitted with prefilter and HEPA final filter. Air shall pass HEPA filter before discharge. Unit shall have pressure differential guage to monitor filter loading. Unit shall have auto shut-off and warning system for HEPA filter failure. HEPA filter shall have separate hold down clamps to retain filter in place.

Negative Pressure: Reduced pressure within work area(s) established by extracting air directly from the work area, and discharging it directly to exterior of building. Discharged air first passes through HEPA filter. Extract sufficient air to ensure constant reduced pressure at perimeter of work area with respect to surrounding areas.

Polyehylene: 0.15 mm(6 mil) minimum thickness unless otherwise specified; in sheet size to minimize joints.

Polyethylene Sheeting: Polyethylene sheeting of 0.15 mm (6 mil) minumum thickness with tape seals along edges, around penetrating objects, over cuts and tears, and elsewhere as required to provide continuous polyethylene membrane protection.

Protective Coveralls: Disposable full body coveralls complete with elastized hoods made of spun polyefin material "Tyvek" by Dupont or nonwoven material Kleenguard by Kimberly Clark (or equivalent).

Rip-Proof Polyethylene: 0.20 mm (8 mil) fabric made up from 0.13 mm (5 mil) weave and 2 layers 0.04 mm (1.5 mil) poly laminate, in sheet size to minimize joints.

Sealer: Sealer for purpose of trapping residual microbe spores. Product must have flame spread and smoke development ratings both less than 25. Product shall leave no stain when dry: TC-55 (clear), A/D Fire Protection Systems Inc., Scarborough, Ontario (or equivalent).

Sprayer: Garden type, portable manual sprayer, low velocity, capable of producing fine spray.

Tape: Tape suitable for sealing polyethylene to surface encountered, under both wet conditions using amended water, and dry conditions.

Waste Receptors: Two separate containers of which 1 shall consist of 0.15 mm (6 mil) minimum thickness sealable clear polyethylene bag. Other container may be 0.15 (6 mil) minimum thickness clear polyethylene bag or rigid sealable container such as cardboard or fibre drum or wood box. Other container shall be adequate to prevent perforating rips,. tears during filling, transport or disposal. Containers must be acceptable to disposal site selected, and Ministry of Environment and Energy.


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