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Mold Abatement Removal Work Has Not Been Done Properly In Some Schools and Public Buildings

Everyday in Ontario Mold and Fungus removal and abatement work in our schools and public buildings is done improperly. It is the opinion of many professional Consulting Engineers and Environmental Consultants involved in Ontario's Environmental Abatement Industry, the mold abatement work is not being removed properly, by unqualified contractors and their untrained staff.

If they do not remove and kill all the mold and fungus. They are only removing the visible surface mold and fungus and not killing the roots. Therefore the mold and fungus will grow back and we will be spending millions of dollars in the near future, the mold and fungus from the same areas.

Restoration Environmental Contractors is a member of the Environmental Abatement Contractors of Ontario, an industry association. In our opinion we see the following problems associated with Mold Abatement work now

The key is to kill the root s and remove the top layers of the wood called the substrate and properly seal or lockdown and dry the area. Not killing roots of mold and fungus the Mold and Fungus will grow

No Full Time Inspection and Air Monitoring of Mold Abatement Sites by Independent Environmental Consulting Firms

Using Unqualified - General Contractors and using untrained Workers with no abatement training

Poorly Trained or untrained Site Supervision and Site Management

Lack of Worker Health & Safety Training

Lack of Personal Hygiene Training

No Medical Surveillance of Workers

Many General contractors performing Mold and Fungus removal work in Ontario Schools are learning as they go and not following proper abatement industry protocol.

The Torbo Wet Abrasive Sand Blasting System is the best new environmental technology for safe, cost effective, removal of Mold and Fungus Stachybotrus Chartarum, Lead Paint, Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Coatings. The Torbo System is currently being used to remove lead paint at the $ 130 Million Dollar Development of The Villages of Sally Creek Retirement Development.

Restoration Environmental Contractors specialize in the removal and management of Asbestos, Lead, Lead Paint and Lead Dust, PCB s, Mold & Fungus, UFFI, Infection Control in Hospitals, Hazardous Materials, HEPA Cleaning, Heavy Metals Decontamination, Dust Contamination, Chemicals, Perchloric Acid, Soil Remediation and Removal of leaking Underground Storage Tanks, removal of Bird, Bat, Animal Feces. We are the Experts in Environmental Decontamination of Commercial Buildings, Institutional, Department of Defense, Industrial and Manufacturing Plants for the Computer, Pharmaceutical, Food, Automotive and Steel Industry.

Restoration Environmental Contractors Ltd. with offices in Markham and Brantford, Ontario affiliated company, Abcott Construction Ltd. was established in 1972, is a high quality Design Build General Contractor. Abcott is a Butler Buildings Dealer of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings. See our Web Site at

Mr. Don Bremner, Vice President of Operations was a Guest Speaker at the United Nations Secretariat of the Basel Convention sponsored Caribbean Asbestos Forum in November 1998. The 12 countries represented were Cuba, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Netherlands Antilles, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Canada & Great Britain.


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Don Bremner is Vice President of Operations
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