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New Contract Awards For Restoration Environmental Contractors

AWARDS ASBESTOS REMOVAL CONTRACT Type 3 asbestos removal starts in November of 2000.

CFS ALERT CANADIAN FORCES STATION ALERT Arctic Asbestos Removal -- Project Manager Chris Moffatt and Site superintendent Chris Clarke with other Restoration Environmental staff join the Top of the World Club as the Asbestos Removal Contractor for Canadian Forces Station on Ellesmere Island. Leaving CFB Trenton by Hercules Transport Plane, all personnel and equipment were trained in Arctic Conditions by CFB Trenton armed forces personnel. transported to Greenland by Canadian Air Force Hercules Transport Plane and then on to CFS Alert. We would like to thank all the CFB Trenton and CFS Alert Canadian Armed Forces personnel for an enjoyable work related trip.

ARCHER DANIEL MIDLAND Removal of asbestos transite sheeting from the two location from Grain Elevators in Chatham and Windsor, Ontario.

THE BEER STORE Type 3 Asbestos Removal and Mold Abatement during renovations from one of the Beer Stores Ontario.

YORK UNIVERSITY Type 3 Asbestos removal from various buildings during renovations.

SAMUEL ACME PLANT CLEANUP of lead & zinc from Plant Facilities.

DURACELL PLANT CLEANUP complete cleanup of magnesium and lead from plant facility.


VIC 20 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT approved as pre-qualified Asbestos Removal and Environmental Contractors for various VIC 20 Buildings and Projects.

YORKDALE SHOPPING CENTRE removal of asbestos by Type 3 Operational Procedures from a Boiler Room that is being decommissioned.

GIFFELS PROJECT MANAGEMENT Asbestos removal by Type # operational Procedures at 150 Ferrand at Eglinton DVP in Toronto.








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