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Removal of Fly Ash - London Health Science Centre

Restoration Environmental Contractors provided an experienced project management team and highly trained work force specialized in decontamination, abatement and environmental plant cleaning services. MacViro Consultants Ltd. were the hospital's environmental consultants and monitored this project.

We successfully removed the Fly Ash from the Hospital Incinerator Waste Disposal Facility. The Hospital Incinerator and Waste Disposal Facility did require industrial cleaning and environmental decontamination. The Garbage Collection and Compaction Area required removal of all remaining garbage and debris plus washing and neutralization of the area to eliminate the remaining strong odor.

Restoration Environmental Contractors Project Management Team has over 300,000 hours of experience. All work was completed following Ontario Regulations Type 3 Operation Procedures and US-EPA Asbestos and Lead Abatement regulations.








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