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REC Low-Bidder On Yonge Street Subway Line

Restoration Environmental Contractors was the low-bidder on the TTC-Toronto Transit Commission "Asbestos Removal of The Yonge Street Subway Line" for $7.4 million.

Environmental Contractors specialize in Environmental Remediation, Project Management, Demolition and Design Build General Contracting procedures and specifications for the removal of Hazardous Materials: Asbestos, Lead, Lead Paint and Lead Dust, PCB's, Mold and Fungus, UFFI, Infection Control, HEPA cleaning, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Soils Remediation and Removal of Underground Storage Tanks, Gasoline, MTBE, Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether from Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Hospitals, Schools, Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities and Properties. Combined corporate staff of up to 100 professionals.











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